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Epoch Original 

Epoch Original brings you the best documentaries produced by The Epoch Times and NTD. In an era of information overload, we’re devoted to bringing forth only the valuable facts that would help people see the light amidst all confusion, focus on what’s important, gain wisdom, and have faith. Through unbiased investigative reporting, and free from the influence of any government, corporation, or political party, we’re striving to produce documentaries on today’s most debated topics, and on subjects that others don’t dare talk about.


Our Values


Truth & Tradition

We use our principles of Truth and Tradition as our guiding light. We don’t follow the unhealthy trend of agenda-driven journalism prevalent in today’s media environment. We value the beauty in arts and cultures that inspired many generations, and that continues to awe us even today.



We believe in honest and positive reporting. We take time in analyzing every detail before bringing a story forth. Through accurate reporting we hope to be beneficial to the entire society. 



Knowledge of past history, origin and culture sheds light on the history of the present. This is why our reporting is based on the valuable lessons of history.

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