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No Farmers No Food, Will you eat the bugs?

From Nicole Kidman to Zac Efron, celebrities have been promoting eating insects for years. But why?


Roman Balmakov investigates the rapidly changing landscape of our global food source - the farming industry. Will dinner tables of crickets and worms become our new reality

Bugs, the new bacon?

Imagine going to the supermarket and finding out your bacon is 10 times more expensive than it is now. You look around for an affordable alternative, and an aisle over is a huge assortment of … bugs. You head to the farmer’s market only to find your local farmer has been put out to pasture.


Nothing against bugs, but what’s happening to our farmers? Join journalist Roman Balmakov on an investigative odyssey to find out what’s really going on with farming around the world, and how it will affect what’s for breakfast.

Horse and cows on an alpine meadow

“It’s not a war on farming; it’s a war on small farming and independent farmers, it’s a war in support of elite, large-scale agricultural industries.”

Sterling Burnett,  

Leads Heartland Institute’s Arthur B. Robinson Center on Climate and Environmental Policy

Our Goal
Farmers are the backbone of our food system and they are being squeezed. Their personal experiences and perspectives matter. And we want to share their voices.

People don’t realize what’s fixing to hit them. They think it’s tough right now. You give it until October; food prices are going to double [because of regulations impacting farmers].

Lynn "Bugsy" Allen,

Texas Farmer

I can’t run a farm on 5 percent. For me, it’s over and done with ... in view of the regulations, I can’t sell it to anybody. Nobody wants to buy it. [But] the government wants to buy it. And that’s why they [have] those regulations, I think.

Martin Neppelenbroek, Netherlands Farmer

[The Irish government’s climate plan would cause] “significantly reduced production” and potentially “devastate the farming sector in Ireland."

Tim Cullinan,
Irish Farmers Association President

[Sri Lanka is] now literally on the verge of famine, because they've have massive crop failures [caused by regulations impacting fertilizer use].

Mandy Gunasekara,
Environmental Lawyer

The Production

From The Netherlands to Sri Lanka and California - our team has been interviewing farmers and industry experts. When you support our production, you help us expose their truthful experiences and perspectives.






Hours of Footage

Roman Balmakov

Last year, when the Ukraine-Russia war was already putting immense pressure on the global food supply (with many world leaders warning of possible food shortages on the horizon).

That’s because, amidst this precarious food security situation, governments of many nations were implementing “Green Policies” which were effectively handcuffing farmers, and forcing them off their generational lands.

And so, in order to figure out how and why this was happening, my team and I traveled around the world (including throughout the US) to figure out what was truly behind this seeming ‘War on Farmers’. 

With the project, I hope to bring the plight of the farmers to light, as well as to expose the existential threat to all Americans that a “Green Leap Forward” represents.


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While we have recently completed the documentary, there is still much work ahead of us, step by step, to bring it to the widest audience possible.

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Ultimately, your backing is instrumental in launching the documentary and promoting it to a broader audience. By generously supporting distribution costs and other associated expenses, you enable us to maximize the impact of this project, educating and inspiring as many viewers as possible.

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Roman & Our Team on the Ground 

The Epoch Times & Host of the show Facts Matter, visits farmers and industry experts from The Netherlands to Sri Lanka and California.

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Melina, Producer

"The attack on our farmers is so jaw-dropping, I just felt these stories needed a platform to be shared. I know that our work on No Farmers No Food will do just that, give voice to the silenced farming community."

Roman, Host

"After my story of covering the farmer protest in The Netherlands, I knew there was more behind what we were seeing. I was compelled to dig for the truth and can't wait for this film to showcase our findings for the world."

Katherine, Producer

"What stood out to me was how humble and hardworking farmers are. They are not typically loud or expressive, so for there to be hundreds at each protest I knew there was a story here that needed to be heard."
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