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Review: ‘Crossroads: Pentagon’s War on Religion’


An insightful exposé on some of the more troubling aspects of anti-Christian discrimination.

We live in some extremely divided times in Western countries. But while many people may know of how ordinary civilians are being affected by required “sensitivity” courses and vaccine mandates in the United States, others may not be aware of what’s going on in the military and how it is being purged of so-called undesirables by certain nefarious forces at the highest levels of power. In one of the latest Crossroads TV episodes, hosted by Joshua Philipp, we can begin to see what exactly is going on in our armed forces.

Philipp first interviews Air Force Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Brandi King. King talks about how in the past, through a series of phone calls and emails, she was constantly warned against trying to submit an order for a religious exemption to getting one of the mandatory vaccines that have been foisted on all military personnel.

The warnings ultimately culminated in her commander threatening her career if she continued to try and avoid taking the mandated shots. And just as with many selfless patriotic service members, although she points out that her own retirement has been jeopardized, she adds “but I’m not the only one.”

Another military officer, Air Force Major Kim Bitter, who has served 22 years as a flight nurse, also had her career thrown into jeopardy. Similar to King, she was ordered by her superiors to get a vaccine shot. Since she was leery of getting the experimental jab because of an underlying medical condition, she requested to first confer with her own private physician in order to “make sure it was okay.”

Bitter was advised by her private doctor that since she had an auto-immune disorder and the vaccines targeted people with compromised immune systems, she should not take any. Even though she had signed medical documents (with her private physician’s letterhead and all), the military denied her medical exemption.

She said she then submitted her religious accommodation paperwork almost immediately after the medical request and that was also denied. Her command told her that she only had 72 hours to respond from there, or she’d be out-processed. She said that her moral principles prevented her from caving to the government’s demands.

Philipp notes that while military law allows for exemptions to getting the vaccine shots, it has had little intention of recognizing this legally protected right. Being forced out of the military or put on Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR) can be devastating to military personnel and cause them to lose their retirements, pensions, and benefits, such as VA medical care.

He also points out that, to date, only two members of the U.S. Marine Corps have been granted vaccine mandate exemptions based on their religious beliefs. Still, even those minute exceptions are currently being called into question by the government.

Oddly, a superior number of medical and administrative exemptions have been granted in the past.

Some of the personnel that are still on active duty volunteered for clinical trials where they were given placebo vaccines, and even though they are protected by administrative exemptions, their status is nonetheless unvaccinated. This is a glaring double-standard since the Department of Defense (DoD) has been stressing the entire time that everyone must be vaccinated. For some reason, faith isn’t a good enough reason to qualify for an exemption.

Philipp also reveals how the military has discriminated against Christians specifically, for many years, via the manipulation of legal lingo. More recently, in 2021, the government announced that it was going to begin purging the military of “racism” and “extremism.” Although details were sketchy at first, some of the talks that the government advised commanders to give to the personnel under them appeared to be increasingly targeted in a discriminating fashion at those who are religious.

Attorney Mike Berry, who represents a number of military personnel, testified before the U.S. House Services Committee that he discovered a projection slide found in a DoD training manual, that categorizes both Catholics and Evangelical Christians as “religious extremists” within the armed forces. On the slide, these two were right alongside terrorist groups such as Hamas and Al-Qaeda, as well as the Ku Klux Klan.

The episode goes on to reveal how many whistleblowers began to step forward and reveal that the DoD itself may have been pushing for discrimination under the guise of anti-discrimination, as well as forcing anti-American indoctrination on military personnel.

Details began to emerge that pointed to Marxist-fueled critical race theory (CRT) as the origin of these discriminatory forces—with all of the common catchphrases we’ve heard before, such as “systemic racism” and “white privilege.” Meanwhile, books that literally discriminate against whites, such as “White Fragility” by Robin DiAngelo, have allegedly become required reading.

In the past, these types of hyper-divisive tactics have been utilized under communism. But instead of pitting the social classes of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat against one another, race and gender are used by the new communists as primary divisors. In other words—it’s the same old game with different names. Philipp goes on to delve into how history is linked with much of the chaos transpiring in modern society.

This episode is backed up by both factual information and insightful interviews. One of the more scary correlations about all of this is how both the public and private sectors are pushing not only physically invasive mandates on our bodies (i.e. shots) but also psychological mandates on our minds (required CRT training, sensitivity training, etc).

Starring: Joshua Philipp Running Time: 42 minutes MPAA Rating: Not rated Release Date: February 20, 2022

Watch on Epoch Cinema—visit the link here.

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