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Bach’s Inspiration




28 min

About the Movie

Besides being the baroque era’s greatest organist and composer, and one of the most productive geniuses in the history of Western music, Bach was also a theologian whose expression of inspiration was music. Nearly three-fourths of his 1,000 compositions were written for use in worship, and Bach’s deep religious faith could be found even in his secular music. Between his musical genius, his devotion to God, and the effect of his music, he has come to be known in many circles as “the Fifth Evangelist.”

About Divine Messengers:

Exploring the lives and minds of some of the most faith-driven, powerful, and divinely inspired characters in history, who fearlessly carried out their sacred missions and paved the way for new ways of mankind.

One single person is sometimes all it takes for a whole culture to take a turn and leave a lasting imprint in history. We’ll journey into the destinies of influential and fearless individuals, exploring their inner lives and deeper motivations. How come these truth seekers, hundreds or even thousand years apart in time, have had so similar convictions and visions?

We'll look into how Socrates was ready to give up his life for them, the gripping visions of a nun, turning her into a world-famous genius, the unexpected twist in the Viking prophecy of mankind’s final fate, revealing the secret source of inspiration of one of the worlds greatest composers, a noblewoman's revelations that would shake the western world, and an artist's brave battle for true beauty.

These eminent characters and their destinies, together form an interweaved image, unsealing answers to the eternal mysteries – who we are, what our purpose is, and our final destination.

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