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The American Story




160 min

About the Movie

Episode 1: A Brave New World & Christopher Columbus

Join Tim Barton and Jonathan Richie as they examine the origins of the American Story by following the initial voyages of discovery conducted by Christopher Columbus. Discover the true story of exploration, adventure, and intrigue as Columbus sought to open up a new path to the far East. 

Episode 2: The Shortcomings of Jamestown

Despite Spanish colonization of the southern hemisphere, the North American continent failed to be settled by European nations until nearly a century after Columbus’s initial voyage. The first permanent settlement made by England occurred in 1607 at Jamestown. Learn the story of hardship, struggle, and mistakes of this first attempt in North America. 

Episode 3: The Legacy of Plymouth 

In 1620, a different seed was planted in the North American colony. Led by the religiously motivated Pilgrims, the colony of Plymouth began a separate tradition in America based upon individual rights and liberties. Guided by the Christian Scriptures, the Pilgrims’ experience vastly differed from that of either the Spanish or the Jamestown colonists. 

Episode 4: Early Colonies & the Great Awakening 

As more and more colonists journey to America from all across Europe the more many of the new colonies were similarly founded upon explicitly religious grounds. Different beliefs led to conflicts similar to those witnessed in Europe, however, a consistent desire for personal liberty and genuine religion caused many of these errors to be stopped long before they were ended in Europe. Ultimately, a colonial revival known as the First Great Awakening led to a growing shared identity among the colonies. 

Episode 5: The Development of the American Mind

With the Great Awakening doing a major work in the American colonies, one of the most evident changes was in the minds of the people. The pastors leading the revivals began preaching the principles of limited government, practical morality, and personal liberty, effectively leading to the development of a distinctly American mind. The teaching of the Christian ministers in America significantly laid the seeds for American Independence. 

Episode 6: The Road to the Revolution 

Events such as the French and Indian War, the Stamp Act, and many other things led to increasing levels of dissatisfaction in the colonies with English rule. Fundamentally, the King and Parliament began undermining the longstanding rights and liberties of the American colonists. This tension eventually led to the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the formation of the First Continental Congress. The road to the revolution was ready to be walked. 

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