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California's Crime Wave - What's the Problem?

Californians are standing at a crossroads. How should residents and law enforcement respond to the rapidly escalating crime rate? What is behind this brazen behavior and the societal deterioration it highlights? California’s choice in direction will ultimately affect all Americans as these trends threaten to spread nationwide.

Watch EpochTv’s exclusive documentary, “California’s Crime Wave – What’s the problem?”, and join Epoch Times Correspondent Siyamak Khorrami as he investigates. The film interviews police officers, law enforcement officials, business owners, and private citizens. All are concerned about the escalation in crime they see and experience on a daily basis.

Laws both past and present are discussed and compared. The pendulum for punishment on crime has swung from severe to sometimes non-existent. The ability of police to respond is hampered by current laws and the lack of manpower available. How do we balance justice with compassion?

Citizens and business owners are taking personal initiative to protect themselves and their communities. This positive community activism attempts to counteract the moral decline caused by crime. How can we initiate change from the ground level?

What lies ahead for the Golden State? This decision should be one all Americans should be invested in. Watch this thought-provoking documentary on EpochTV today and engage in the discussion.


You can stand up for free speech, help spread this documentary, and combat censorship by subscribing to EpochTV today.

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